Tengiz Akhmeteli


77 years old.
Professor at the Department of Surgical Diseases of the Tbilisi State Medical University.
Member of the Academy of Medico-biological Sciences and the Academy of Military Medicine. Head of the Mukhadze Society of Surgery (Tbilisi), head of the dissertational council in the specialty of surgery, member of the editorial board of the journals “Georgian Medical News”,  “Proceedings of Medical Academy of Georgia” and “Surgery”.
In 1947 he graduated from the Tbilisi State Medical Institute.
1957 – degree of candidate of sciences (PhD)
1968 – degree of doctor of sciences
From 1970 – professor
Author of more than 220 scientific publications, from them 70 had been published in international materials.
Main directions of his scientific interest: abdominal surgery, surgical infection, pathology and treatment of purulent peritonitis.
He has 2 Childs. Likes hiking.