Nelly Antelava


MD – 1962
PhD – 1972
MSD – 1992
1978 – present - Professor of Pharmacology, Head of the Department of Preclinical Evaluation of New Drugs, Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, Tbilisi State Medical University.

Main topics of interest: pathophysiology of extreme conditions and development of medicines for pharmacocorrection, mechanisms of action of natural antioxidants.

1999 – present – Vice-president of the Georgian Society of Physiopathology.
1994 – present – Vice-president of Georgian Association of Pharmacology.
1999 – present – member of editorial board of the journal “Georgian Medical News”.
1994-present – member of the board of dissertational experts, member of professors board of the Tbilisi State Medical University.

In 1967 she graduated from the Sanitary-Hygiene Medical Institute. Leningrad, Russia.

In 1970 she completed the postgraduate course at the Department of Pharmacology, Sanitary-Hygiene Medical Institute. Leningrad, Russia.
1975 she completed the training course of pharmacology, Moscow, Russia.

She is the author of more than 80 scientific publications.