Lavrent Managadze
Date of birth 1944.
Director of the Georgian Research Institute of Urology (from 1985), member of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia (1997), member of Academy of Medical Sciences, (1995), honorary member of New-York Academy of Sciences (1996), head of Department of Urology at the Tbilisi State University, head of the Georgian Society of Urology (1996),

member of council of scientific experts of Georgia (1996), member of European Society of Urology (1994), member of European Society for Cancer Research (1996), member of the International College of Surgeons (1998).
In 1967 graduated from the Department of Therapy of Sechenov I Moscow Medical Institute.
In 1970 graduated from the postgraduate course in organ transplantation at the Medical Academy of USSR.
1971 degree of candidate of sciences (PhD)
1981 degree of doctor of sciences

From 1986 he is the professor.
Author of more than 150 scientific papers, most of them have been published in international materials.
Under his supervision first case of renal transplantation in Georgia had been performed. He worked out and implemented a new methods of reconstitution surgery enterocytoplastics and renal supravesical derivation.
He greatly contributed to the creation of new direction of urology endourology.
First time in Georgia a method extracorporeal destruction of renal stones has been implemented the Georgian Research Institute of Urology.
He has son and grandson.