Ramaz Shengelia 

MD, PhD, ScD, Professor.
Date of birth – September 28, 1952.
1975 – Graduated from the Tbilisi State Medical Institute.
1975 – Graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Tbilisi State Medical University
1978 – Graduated from the Tbilisi State Postgraduate Academy with specialization in abdominal and thoracic surgery and proctology.

1990 – Graduated from high courses of history of medicine (Moscow, Semashko Institute).                                                1994 (May) – “A program for organizational development” – basic economics, principles of management, marketing. San-Jose State University.
1994 (July) – “A program for organizational development” – budget cost control. San-Jose State University.
Working experience
1976-78 - Surgeon at Akhaltsikhe (South Georgia) Regional Hospital.
1978-91 - Researcher at Tbilisi Institute of Surgery. Senior Surgeon since 1984.
1991- current - Head of Department of History of Medicine, Tbilisi State Medical
University (TSMU).
1995- current - Head of Department of Traditional Medicine, IECM.TSMU
1996 - Research works at Wellcome Institute for History of Medicine. London
College University.UK
1999-current - Deputy Head of Institute of Experimental and Clinical
Medicine (IECM), TSMU.
1992-97 - Manager of American Humanitarian Corporation ACTS International (Georgia).
1984 - MD. Ph.D.
1995- The Member of Council of History of Science, Georgian Academy of Sciences.
1996 - The Member of Administrative Council of The International Society of History of Medicine (ISHM).
1997 - Doctor of sciences (SC.D.).
1997 - The Member of New-York Academy of Science.
1997 - The Member of Peter The Great Academy of Science and Art (Russia).
The Member of Editorial Boards;
"The Ancient Medicine" Newsletter (USA).
"Asclepios" Magazine (Bulgaria).
"The Annals of Tbilisi State Medical University" (Georgia).
“Georgian Medical News” (Georgia)